I don’t believe one will ever achieve a life only filled with the good times, positive occasions and enjoyable evenings. If we went through a life with no bad experiences we would all be ignorant, one dimensional and boring. The tough times are what tests us, improves our character and are what…


Over the past few days I’ve been reflecting on my past, my attitude and the person I am today. A few years ago I was a lost, weak, insecure and sad individual. Feeling worthless and without purpose. I am not that person anymore dammit.

I love every part of my self and really don’t care what…


Hope your ready to kick the new weeks ass with success! If your not, well heres some motivation to get you pumped up. 


(For those days I just don’t feel like working out)

I know you are tired, stressed out, and you just want to go to sleep, but don’t give up. Remember that time you ran twice, and did the Jillian Michaels video for the first time? Guess what, you made it, and you felt SO great afterwards. You…


 this blog is hilarious